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Here you can get information about Best Free Body Editing Apps. Editing photos is a breeze nowadays. We are lucky to have applications that are specially tailored for our many imaging needs. These range from simple colour adjustments apps to complete body editing apps.

Today, we will take a look at applications that specialize in body manipulations. Many of these great apps have auto functions. These functions allow you to make body transformations with the single click of a button. Some applications give you more control over body shape. By the end of this list, you will find at least one body shape editor to satisfy your needs.

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RetouchMe is a well-known body shape editor. It has an excellent reputation compared to other body editing software for being accurate. It is also well known for having a load of different functions. RetouchMe has an auto body shape function. But you can do manual body retouches as well.

Its features include hip corrections, leg shape, biceps adjustments and more. You can change your whole body shape. You can add highlights or bronzer to your skin to alter your tan. Maybe you want to remove your tattoos and see how that looks? They advertise giving you a flat stomach, changing your leg’s width, and removing fat folds. And they have well over 100 retouch options.

RetouchMe claims they provide a fast, cheap, and easy service. They even offer a service where you can get your image retouched by an editor. A fun feature is that they let you lengthen any body part, even your hair!


  • Slim body
  • flat tummy
  • breast augmentation
  • slimmer waist
  • add tattoo to body or remove tattoo
  • increase muscle mass
  • six-pack abs muscles
  • increase biceps
  • rapid abs booth
  • fat and thick body for fun


  • Slim face
  • face editor for lips augmentation
  • reshape or refine jawlines
  • reduce dark circles under your eyes like a concealer stick
  • selfie editor for making a smiley face
  • ears reduction
  • get a natural tan
  • remove glare from glasses


  • Background eraser
  • photo restoration
  • custom photo retouch
  • remove people from photo
  • remove watermark
  • pattern maker


  • Hair color changers
  • increase hair volume
  • grey hair covering
  • women and men modern hairstyles
  • stray hair removing
  • bald spot hiding
  • stylish beard app
  • color beard correction


  • Eye color changer
  • create the best Eyelashes makeup using new Eyelashes option
  • highlight your cheekbones using Blusher beauty option
  • eyebrow editor
  • nose piercing

Additional information

Updated2 February 2022
Current Version5.65
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByOleksandr Lozytskyi

Download RetouchMe 



Fotogenic is another top body shape editor. It is available on pretty much every app store you can find. Fotogenic give you a body modification tool that is quick to understand and easy to use. If you are struggling with the tools, they also provide great tutorials to guide you through that process.

They claim that everyone is photogenic, hence their name. Some of their features include making you taller and a separate component to lengthen your legs in one touch. Fotogenic is not just a body editor app. It is also a photo editor. This means you can play with frames, brushes, and different effects that make your image come to life.

Features :


  • Text On Path : Adding text on a path is an important way to create unique text effects
  • Speech Bubble : A fun way to perk up your photos is by adding cartoon style speech balloons
  • Captions : Add a caption below and above your photos
  • Stretch : Make you taller
  • Slimmer : It’s a snap to get a leaner


  • Smooth : Flawless complexion
  • Whiten : Dazzling white smiles
  • Detail : It provides unrivaled clarity
  • Makeup : Adding a shadow for your eyes or paint a nice color for your lip
  • Clone : Eliminate unwanted objects
  • Bodybuilding : You can get an attractive and sexy body in seconds
  • Tattoo : You can get inspiration what symbol to put permanently on your body


  • Vibrance : Well saturated colors
  • Channel Mixer : Adjust the percentages for the Red, Green, and Blue
  • Brightness & Contrast : Fix too light or too dark areas
  • Sharpen : Almost every digital image needs at least a little bit of sharpening
  • HDR : Achieve an HDR (high dynamic range) look
  • Highlights & Shadows : Easy method for correcting lighting


  • Signature : Add digital Signature
  • Paint : Perfect tool for those who love the art of hand painted
  • Artistic Brushes
  • Funny Brushes : 40 fun brushes in 5 different categories (Cute,Halloween,Indicator,Kid,People)
  • Weather : You’ll be able to transform the atmosphere of your picture in just a few seconds(Clouds,Lightning,Rain,Rainbow,Snow)

Live Brushes

  • Flare : Add magic to your photos
  • Bokeh : Create soft dreamy backgrounds
  • Money : Take them, they are flying into your hands!
  • Dandelion : Bring happiness to your photos
  • Bubble : Add the wonderful flying bubbles
  • Petals : Falling petals. Your photos will look very elegant and ethereal (Red Rose,Yellow Rose,Daisy,Autumn)
  • Confetti : Essential part of memorable photos
  • Shapes : The ideal complement for a fun photo composition


  • Mixer : One of the fastest ways to get amazing looking images is by using Blending modes.
  • Light Leaks : Add an artistic touch to your photos
  • Grunge : Convert normal, everyday photos into worn out style.
  • Doodle : Perfect way for you to add humor or feeling to your photo (5 different categories)
  • Borders : Create a simple but effective border

Additional information

Updated20 September 2021
Current Version2.0.16
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByOleksandr Lozytskyi

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Body Tune advertises itself as the number one photo retouching app. As a body shape editing app, they may not be the number one for photo editing. But, for what they specialize in, they do it great. Bodytune has easy to use retouching tools based on image processing technology. You can increase or slim body parts in just a few swipes. The same process allows you to adjust your height and remove skin marks.

Body Tune makes the body editing process quick and simple. It even includes a feature that detects body parts, then allows you to change these specific parts. Its auto features cover editing your subject to be thinner, taller, and curvier.

Bodytune is a powerful editor with which you can easily get a slim body.

Whether you want to get a thin waist, arms or legs, you do not need anymore to sit for hours in some of those complex photo editors. Now without any photo editing skills you can thin any part of your body to look fit, thin, and taller on any of your photos.

  • Add your selfie or portrait photography into the editor app.
  • Choose Refine from the toolbar at the bottom.
  • Use your finger to swipe over and reshape your body features.
  • For example, you can easily slim down your shoulders, upper arms, back, legs, stomach, etc.
  • Switch to Waist or Hips from the toolbar at the bottom, then use two fingers to pinch to make yourself slimmer.

Additional information

Updated27 March 2020
Current Version1.0.15
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByFace & Body Tune Photo Editor SRL

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Perfect Me

Perfect Me

Perfect Me – Body editor and face retouch is a fantastic photo and video editor, free editing both for face and body. It can help you reshape body curves to get the slim body and perfect figure. And you could make me thin, get long legs and firm abs as well as realistic tattoo. Also retouch to slim face, higher nose and bigger eyes. It is easy to plump and light lip and smooth skin.

This is the first body editor app on Google Play. With continuous development for years, we now have become an App for all-function portrait editing. With some simple clicks, you could get your insta beauty now! It is a wonderful face slimming for photo editor.


Reshape body editor and retouch details

  • Waist slimmer for you. Make you slim and skinny. As a hot photo editor app, we have everything you need for body scanner, give you good bikini looking.
  • Long and beautiful legs. And avatan with your beauty selfie, turn your own photo wonder.
  • Build ab muscle to gain six packs abs.
  • Add artistic tattoos & fonts. Make your insta size photo perfect.
  • Reshape the area you want easily. It is a perfect body shape editor for women, and you could liquify your face easily.

Beautify face

  • Smoothen your skin and remove acne. Professional face smoother and editor. Fantastic blemish remover for you to touch and retouch photo and remove pimple. No need to worry about acne anymore.
  • Skin painting helps you correct your skin tune. Glitter painting highlight your skin, changing your selfie into a photo wonder. More tools inside this make up photo editor waiting for you to try.
  • Facelift: make your face small, skinny, and fit. Slimmer your face and master at fixing the face problems. Let’s visualize you to help you touch up the face. It could serve as a plastic surgery simulator to help you reshape the face and body.
  • Adjust facial features: Teeth whitening app also could nudge your smile and plump up lips. Easy to grow a taller nose bridge, reshape eyebrows for a perfect shape. Try the face animator and bright up lips and eyes, edit. Wonderful knows editor and face shape editor designed for you to edit the face as you like. Come and try this perfect face app.

Video Body Editing

  • Added Video Editing function. You could slim waist and legs, reshape body and retouch face in videos easily. It could also make you look taller in videos and smooth skin. Try the teeth whitener, remove wrinkles and brighten eyes. Filter and more video editing tools waiting for you to try.

Additional information

UpdatedDecember 27, 2021
Current Version6.9.9
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content ratingMature 17+
Offered Byryzenrise

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Body Editor

Body Editor 2022 is the best photo editor for body shaping and selfie editor. With body shape editor, you can reshape body and face tune your selfie quickly, enlarge breasts and hips naturally, shrink waist, and even increase height without home workouts.

Dress up yourself with man photo editor by changing mustaches, sunglasses, and trendy hair color salon to be a cool guy. You can also DIY your own look by adding six-pack abs, chest, muscles, and tattoos stickers. Navigate yourself in endless options with Body Editor in 2022. Just a few touches, you will instantly get aesthetic results!.


  • Perfect your body curves with Body Reshaper
  • Breast Enlarger, increase boobs naturally
  • Plump up your hips, get peachy hips easily
  • Facetune your selfie to be more photogenic
  • Waist Slimming, magically burn the fat from your stomach
  • Height Correction, long legs will never be a dream only
  • Weight loss without fitness workouts
  • Change Hairs & Beard, DIY your own appearance
  • Add Tattoo, Six Pack Abs/Muscles/Chest stickers, be a cool guy
  • Photo Collage Maker, support up to 18 photos

Body Shape Editor

Body Editor is a magic body skinny app for every girl. It can help you reshape your figure with boobs up, hip enhancement, build muscles, face tune & slim waist. Tone up with Height Correction tools. Perfect me not only in selfie retouching, but also in body curves without plastic surgery.

Six Pack Photo Editor

Edit body with six-pack abs stickers, muscles stickers, chest stickers, add tattoos to your photo, change your hair, beard, mustache, etc.

Breast Enlarger

Enlarge breasts naturally. It’s the best breast enlargement tool to adjust your breast size.

Body Plastic Surgery

Body Editor offers many surgery menus including Breast, Hip, Waist, Face, Height.

Face Tune Selfie

Reshape your facial structure and retouch your portrait

Collage Maker

Create photo collage with hundreds of layouts in seconds. Edit photos with filters, stickers, texts, and much more.

Change your body, reshape your body, perfect your body with Body Editor now.

Additional information

UpdatedFebruary 8, 2022
Current Version1.203.42
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content rating Rated for 3+
Offered ByInShot Inc.

Download Body Editor



Spring is a stylish body editor. They claim to have ‘the first slimming function that naturally slims your body’. The simplicity in their interface makes for a pleasant editing experience. Sometimes, other apps have such a busy editing platform that it makes the process seem hectic.

Their unique feature comes is a tool that allows you to resize your head. I could understand why this would seem strange, but many photographers will know this can be helpful. Sometimes an angle of a photo is unflattering, even if it is a great photo. Resizing your head could allow you to get an excellent image back that looks more like you.

Additional information

UpdatedOctober 22, 2020
Current Version1.0.2
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingEveryone
Offered Bysosofulbros

Download Spring

Plastic Surgery Simulator

Plastic Surgery Simulator does what it says. It allows you to simulate different manipulations to your body. From reading reviews, it doesn’t seem like this body editor app is worth the money. But, it does provide a super simple way of editing your photos. You can do this through its tap and distort feature. You can click and drag the elements you want to edit.

It seems the photo editor is only effective when you have a completely neutral background behind the features you are editing. This could mean a lot of refinement work on standard images with a scenic backdrop. The fact that it has one simple tool allows for lots of experimentation. Maybe you don’t want a realistic body editor, but a way to distort body parts and goof around with your friends. Either way, I would not recommend this app, as many people have made reviews on its unreliability.

This is a simple but powerful photo distortion App. You can use it to simulate body transformations, improve your appearance on social networks, or have fun warping people. All you need to do is drag, grow or shrink the body parts you want to distort. Find out how you would look like with a different nose, chin, lips, more muscle… anything you can reshape or shrink!

Our app stands out because of 2 particular features:

First, a powerful photo distortion algorithm that will produce smooth transformations.

Second, a dual display mode, which clones your image into the other half of the screen when you rotate your device. This allows you to modify your image without the encumbrance of your finger hiding the area you are working on. This is ideal for small touch devices such as your phone.

Additional information

UpdatedOctober 22, 2020
Current Version1.0.2
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingEveryone
Offered Bysosofulbros

Download Plastic Surgery Simulator

Best Free Body Editing Apps

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