Best Free Robocall Blocker Apps for Android

Here you can get information about Best Free Robocall Blocker Apps for Android. Nowadays, an increasing number of unwanted calls from telemarketing agencies or scammers has been a real problem.

If you have been receiving those worthless robocalls, with neither your phone’s built-in call blocking feature nor FTC’s Do Not Call Registry being able to help. You can use one of the third-party robocall blocker apps to block any spam calls. These robocall blocker apps can filter unwanted calls and also help us to recognize spam numbers.

Here are 10 of the top apps available for Android devices, based on publicly available data, which may include user ratings, number of downloads and most recent version date. For a full list of robocall resources for Android devices.

AT&T Call Protect

Activate the AT&T Call Protect™ app with ActiveArmor℠ to enable Spam Blocking, Unknown Caller blocking and more, at no extra charge. AT&T’s subscribers already protected 24/7 with proactive network security features, including Automatic Fraud Call Blocking and Nuisance Call Warnings.

AT&T Call Protect:

  • 24/7 Automatic Fraud Call Blocking: Detects and blocks calls from likely fraudsters, before your phone even rings
  • Block Spam Risk labelled calls: Enable in-app to block or send to voicemail calls identified as Spam Risk
  • Unknown Callers sent to voicemail: Enable in-app to send callers not in your contact list to voicemail.
  • Get a heads-up on potential nuisance calls*: See warnings of telemarketers, nonprofit, surveys, account services, private or political callers
  • Personal Block List: Add individual unwanted callers to your own block list
  • Report Spam Calls: Help identify suspected spam and likely fraud calls. Your reports help us to continually improve our service for everyone.

AT&T Call Protect Plus (In-app purchase):

  • Caller ID*: Gives you caller details
  • Custom Call Controls: Take more control by blocking, sending to voicemail or allowing entire Categories (Telemarketer, Account Services, etc.) of callers – Reverse Number Lookup: Shows caller details when you enter a U.S. number. Up to 200 queries per user within 24-hour period.
  • Must be in an AT&T HD Voice coverage areas

Call Protect subscribers also receive access to AT&T Mobile Security™ with ActiveArmor, which help protect your phone from malware, viruses and other mobile threats. Req’s download of separate app. Avail. for AT&T postpaid, PREPAID, FirstNet and business wireless customers with eligible wireless service.

AT&T Mobile Security & Call Protect Terms:

  • Automatic Fraud Blocking and Spam Risk Blocking: May inadvertently block wanted calls.
  • Nuisance and Spam Risk Call Warnings: Other identified call types may include service messages and/or other permitted calls. Must be in an AT&T HD Voice coverage area to see warnings.
  • Personal Block List: Permits blocking of individual phone numbers (excludes private numbers).
  • Manage all settings via app.

Additional information

UpdatedMarch 7, 2022
Current Version3.32.0-2476
Requires Android7.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByAT&T Services, Inc.

Download AT&T Call Protect

Call Blocker Free- Blacklist

Call Blocker Free

Call Blocker free is one of the best free call blocker app for Android that blocks unwanted and spam calls. You can maintain a blacklist as well as a whitelist of your contacts. Blocked numbers will no longer be able to send messages or make calls to your phone.

Moreover, you can configure the app to notify you about an incoming blocked call and enable the ‘call reminder’ option to help you identify unknown numbers.

Call Blocker is one of the most effective apps to prevent unwanted calls. Help you block the phone you don’t want to answer, and bring you a quiet environment.


  • Lightweight and easy to use


    • Multiple Blocking modes at your choice
    • Blacklist: You can add unwanted numbers to blacklist.
    • Whitelist: Add important phone numbers to your whitelist so they can always reach you.
    • Prevent possible phone scams.
  • features
    • Three options to deal with prevented calls
    • Notifications after blocking

In order to avoid being killed by the system and can not be used, please add Call Blocker to the battery’s Background activity manager in the system’s battery management interface.

Additional information

Updated31 December 2021
Current Version5.7.00.00
Requires Android4.4 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+

Download Call Blocker Free



A Caller ID, Call Recorder & Robocall Blocker that allows you to block unwanted Calls & know who’s calling at all time. Identify calls & SMS using our Spam Blocker & Caller ID.

Block Caller ID – Know who’s calling you using unknown caller ID, robocall blocker & spam messages. Be able to be blocking phone calls

Phone Call Recorder – Automatically record a call!

CallApp Caller ID, Call Recorder & Robocall Block Features:

  • Who called me? – Reverse phone lookup, block caller ID app that identifies unknown calls and unknown numbers. A call blocker that can block spam calls and know the caller behind the number! Block phone calls!
  • Automatic Call Recorder – Recording calls is easy! Call recording app that allows you to Record incoming & outgoing phone calls! CallApp has a quality call recorder! Call recordings can be used on most android brands. Record any type of phone call with an automatic call recorder for Android.
  • Caller ID App – Know the caller ID from each phone call! Automatically block calls that are spam calls or scam & unknown numbers from robocalls. Find out who called you and block unwanted caller ID and use us a call recording app
  • Video Ringtones – Customize your incoming caller screen with videos. Display videos as ringtone.
  • CallApp is available on all Android devices & on Wear OS
  • Dialer & Contacts App – Manage your incoming and outgoing calls using caller ID, spam call blocker, call recordings & dialer app!
  • Blacklist numbers – add spam calls, block numbers & contacts from your phone book or dialer to our caller ID & call recorder app. Blacklist a phone number & never get robocalls from unknown callers again! Use the phone number search to see “who called me” & call blacklist the spam numbers you wish to block.
  • Contacts – See the caller’s ID, name, photo, number lookup, number locator, birthday, social media, email address book & phone book.

Additional information

Updated2 March 2022
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByCallApp Caller ID, Call Recorder & Spam Blocker

Download CallApp

Calls Blacklist

Calls Blacklist

“Calls Blacklist” is both a call blocker and an SMS blocker. It can easily block calls and messages from unwanted, private (hidden, anonymous) or unknown numbers.


  • If you are tired of annoying calls or messages: telemarketing, spam and robocalls, then “Calls Blacklist” is your solution. It is very easy and lightweight, yet powerful call blocker.
  • The only you need is to add unwanted numbers to the blacklist.


  • This app also provides fully functional built-in SMS messenger.
  • You can easily send, receive and manage SMS. Also, you can manage conversations and block SMS spam using only one app. Once you enabled SMS blocking, the app’s built-in SMS messenger become available.


  • You can manage all unwanted numbers, and even more – using this app you can block spammers by text of messages. And of course, it is easy to save blacklisted numbers to the file and import them on another device.

Additional information

UpdatedDecember 4, 2019
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByVlad Lee Apps

Download Calls Blacklist

Hiya – Caller ID & Block


Call blocker, fraud detection & phone number lookup – meet Hiya, your reliable protection from fraud numbers and spoof calls, with integrated caller ID. Block spam calls for good!

Get FREE spam call alerts and block spam phone calls automatically. Hiya shows you the true caller ID so you always know who’s on the other end of the line.

Here’s why users rate Hiya:

  • Spam call blocker – block spam calls automatically, hassle-free
  • Phone number lookup – whether it’s a friend, robocaller or a fraud number, Hiya gives you real-time context on whose calling
  • Spam alerts and fraud detection – automatic spam alerts warn you about incoming spam phone calls from fraud numbers. You can also report spoof calls to the Hiya community
  • Virus protection & phone security – Hiya detects fraud numbers for you, so you know when you’re being called by a scammer.
  • Manage contacts – add names and addresses from Hiya to your phone book contacts

Download now for free and get instant protection from spoof calls, fraud numbers or a robocaller. Our features let you take control and block spam calls automatically.

    • Our advanced phone spam protection engine identifies and blocks any robocaller, telemarketers, debt collectors and fraud calls like neighbor spoofed call scam.
    • Block spam calls and spoof calls automatically – it’s easy! Stop the “neighbor spoofing” calls from numbers that look similar to yours.
    • Turn an unknown caller into a name. Whether it’s a call from a business, friend or potential spammer, our global database of caller names and spam detection gives you real-time context on whose calling.
    • Phone number lookups helps you identify a call from an unsaved contact. Find out the true caller name and whether a fraud number or robocaller is calling you.

Additional information

UpdatedFebruary 8, 2022
Current Version11.5.9-9491
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByHiya

Download Hiya

Whoscall – Caller ID & Block

To have a safe and trustworthy telecommunication environment, Whoscall is your one and only option!

Whoscall is a highly-regarded phone app with Caller ID & Block function. Besides calls and text messages service, we’re well known for our identification of incoming calls & SMS, the blocking of malicious spam calls & SMS, and powered by our massive database with over 1.6 billion numbers.

Whoscall provides a fully functional phone feature. Calls, SMS, Anti-Spam, all in one app to manage your calls & messages!

Trustworthy phone app

  • Identify unknown calls
    • Only pick up important calls by knowing who’s calling!
  • Block spam calls
    • Avoid disturbing quality time by blocking spam calls.
  • Built-in dialer
    • Search & confirm unknown numbers before you dial out.
  • All-in-one Whoscall Call Interface
    • In addition to Answer / Hang up / Speaker, Whoscall still provide Whoscall Call Interface to identify incoming and outgoing calls.

Safe and secure SMS

  • SMS conversation page
    • Chat with anyone on Whoscall conversation page.
  • Identify unknown messages
    • Catch important messages and avoid disturbed one.
  • Block all annoying messages
    • Block spam numbers and no longer receive annoying messages!

Whoscall Premium

  • Auto-update Number Database
    • Say goodbye to manual updates! Stay up to date with the latest database and easily identify spam numbers.
  • SMS URL Auto scan
    • Automatically scan SMS links for risk. Don’t become a victim of phishing!
  • Ad-free
    • Let ads be a thing of the past! A clean interface for a smoother experience.

Additional information

UpdatedMarch 8, 2022
Current Version7.8
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByGogolook

Download Whoscall

Truecaller – Caller ID, SMS spam blocking & Dialer


Manage all your calls and messages quickly, by filtering out telemarketers, spammers and other unwanted disturbances. With a community-based spam list updated by millions of users worldwide, Truecaller is the only app you need to make your communication safe and efficient.

Powerful Dialer & Caller ID:

  • The leading caller identification app that automatically shows who are calling, even if the phone number is not in your contacts
  • See who is calling even before they call
  • Video Caller ID – record a short video that plays automatically when you call friends and family. Apart from recording a selfie video, you can also set a Video Caller ID using one of the built-in templates, aiming to create a more personalized and unique calling experience
  • Use Voice calling to talk to your friends on Truecaller for free
  • Backup call history, contacts, messages and settings to Google Drive

World Class Blocking & Spam Detection:

  • Block calls and SMS – Identify and auto-block telemarketers, spammers, scammers, fraud, sales, and more
  • Community based spam reporting in real time
  • Advanced blocking options for blocking countries, similar digit sequences, and more!

Automatic Call Recorder (ACR):

  • Improved call recorder with support for both automatic and manual recording of calls
  • Record important phone calls and save them to your phone
  • Before recording a call, make sure to follow laws in your country

Smart Messaging:

  • Automatically identify unknown SMS
  • Automatically block spam and telemarketing SMS
  • Organize your SMS into Personal, Other and Spam
  • Chat for free with your friends and family in Group Chat
  • Use Flash messaging for urgent messages
  • Blacklist unwanted SMS senders

Additional information

Updated1 March 2022
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByTruecaller

Download Truecaller



Nomorobo has a high reputation in call-blocking services. With a database of 655,000 identified spam numbers which keep growing with 1,300+ new robocalls identified every day, Nomoroba can effectively help block annoying robocalls, telemarketers, and phone scams. But don’t worry, useful robocalls from schools, etc., won’t be blocked.

It can really bring peace and quiet back to your phone. Also, your privacy is valued since the app won’t access your contacts or call logs.

Nomorobo blocks annoying robocalls, telemarketers, and phone scams. Bring peace and quiet back to your phone. Try it free for 14 days – only $1.99/month after.

  • Winner of the FTC Robocall Challenge
  • PC Magazine Editor’s Choice


  • Real-time protection from over 655,000 annoying robocallers, telemarketers, and phone scammers
  • Over 1,300+ new robocallers identified every day
  • Privacy friendly – Never accesses your contacts or call logs
  • Important robocalls, like school closings and weather alerts, are able to get through
  • Identify or block robocalls (your choice)
  • Over 450 million robocalls stopped since 2013
  • Trusted by over 1,000,000 people every day

Additional information

UpdatedNovember 15, 2020
SizeVaries with device
Current VersionVaries with device
Requires AndroidVaries with device
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByTelephone Science Corp

Download Nomorobo

RoboKiller – Robocall Blocker

RoboKiller is a spam call & robocall blocker that helps you filter and control incoming phone calls by automatically blocking and adding to the blacklist any unwanted caller.

No spam call can stand a chance when RoboKiller’s call blocking algorithm comes into play! Any robocall, telemarketer, unwanted caller, or a phone call with an unknown caller ID will be marked as spam with the help from our number blocking audio-fingerprinting technology. Stop unwanted phone calls with the robocall blocking app!


  • Stop your phone from constant ringing – spammers are added to our spam call blocker’s blacklist without bothering you.
  • Reduce unwanted calls by 99% in your first 30 days of using the spam filter and robocall blocker app.
  • Blacklist updates automatically to ensure the most up-to-date protection, blocking even the most sneaky scam call or telemarketer.
  • Use our robocall blocker to protect yourself from scam: block phone calls you don’t want and keep the number blocked for as long as you wish.


  • Block unwanted calls by adding them to your Block List.
  • Keep your contacts or any new number safe in your Allow List.
  • View the number you’ve missed in your Calls list.
  • Pause blocking – temporarily disable spam blocker if you’re expecting an important call from an unknown number, then continue to block calls when you’re ready.


  • Screens callers by asking them to identify themselves before your phone even rings.
  • Transcribes the caller’s response in real-time and delivers the call screening report while ringing the device.
  • Will ask if you’d like to answer or decline an unknown call.

Additional information

UpdatedMarch 3, 2022
Current Version7.10.0
Requires Android8.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered ByTeltech Systems, Inc.

Download RoboKiller


Want to see Caller ID, spam indications and block spammers, directly from your call screen? drupe is your app. Trusted by over 20 Million users worldwide.

drupe replaces the boring call screen with a fresh look, built and configured exactly for you!

Forget about traditional Phone Book apps! We bring your contacts & apps together in one place, accessible from all your screens. Wish to contact a friend? Dial or text anyone? record calls? Swipe the contact to the app & get in touch! Simple.

Dial, text, record calls or reach anyone on your contact list, using any app!
Smart dialer – Cross app dialing made fast & easy
A smart caller ID tracker & blocker to find out unknown numbers – drupe ID identifier will help you with the search & the tracking of call spammers + with adding them to your blacklist: Show the details of telemarketers or unknown & private mobile numbers who called you. Stop the blindness- Know “who is calling me” at any given time, see the details of missed unknown calls. Uncover the names of people or businesses who call you, and avoid unwanted calls.

  • Add animated GIFs to your outgoing calls!- Make animated calls based on the context of your calls.
  • Organize your address book / Phone book – solve the duplicate Google contacts issues. No more phone book mess…
  • All from one place -Dialer, WhatsApp, SMS, walkie talkie, Facebook Messenger, Google Duo, Allo, telephone… are all in, and there are more.
  • Unified “recent” feed –Track your recent communication log – call log, SMS, Walkie -talkie audio messages, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and more. Reverse lookup those unknown numbers in your call history
  • Contact based reminders – Set reminders, time or context related.
  • Missed calls manager – Get back to your missed calls via call, SMS, whatsapp or else. Snooze for later or set reminders
  • An integrated call blocker – Trace, discover and block any caller or number whether unknown, spam, scams, robocalls or telemarketers, expose their name and details & immediately move on to blocking them!

Additional information

Updated2 March 2022
Current Version3.8.7
Requires Android5.0 and up
Content ratingRated for 3+
Offered Bydrupe – Contacts & Caller ID

Download Drupe

Best Free Robocall Blocker Apps for Android

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