How To Add Voice Record In Capcut

On this page, you can easily know about How To Add Voice Record In Capcut. It is very important for you to add a voice recording or voiceover to the video as a narrator, especially if you are making video content around tutorials on doing something.

This is of course so that your video viewers can more easily understand the information you convey.

How to Add Voice Recording to Video in CapCut App

how to add voice recording to video

How to add voice recording to video in Android using the CapCut application is very easy. This is because the CapCut application can read and display all audio stored on your Android device such as music, songs, and including voice recordings that you have recorded. Here’s the full tutorial.

  • ‌Rename your recorded voice, so it’s easy to find later.
  • ‌Open your video editing project, then open the Audio menu.
  • ‌Select and tap the Sounds option.
  • ‌Show all audio stored in the gallery on the Form device menu in Your sounds’ menu tab.
  • ‌Find your previously renamed voice recording and tap the plus (+) button next to it to add it to the video.
  • ‌How to add a voice record in CapCut to a video has been completed.

How to Add Voiceover to Video on Android with CapCut

Besides being able to add voice recordings to videos, the CapCut application also has a Voiceover feature that can record your voice and add it to the video. This means that you can add narration to video directly in the CapCut application without recording your voice first using a voice recording application.

How to Add Voiceover to a video in CapCut, I actually discussed briefly in a previous article about how to add music in CapCut. However, I think it’s okay if I discuss it again in this article, right? Here’s the tutorial.

  • ‌Open the Audio menu, and this time select the Voiceover option.
  • ‌Press the Hold to record button and allow CapCut to record audio on your device.
  • ‌While pressing the recording button, start talking about what you want to convey to the audience, then release the recording button when you’re done.
  • ‌How to do voiceover in CapCut has been completed.

After adding a voice recording or voiceover, you can also complete your video with a caption so that the information can be accepted by everyone, including people with hearing impairments. In the CapCut application you can create automatic captions, so you don’t have to bother adding the text one by one. See the tutorial on how to add auto captions in CapCut in another article.

Below I give you a tutorial on adding voice recording and voiceover to videos on CapCut in video form, making it easier for you to follow step by step.

Well, that’s the tutorial on how to add voice recording to video and how to add voiceover to video for free on Android using the CapCut application.

How To Add Voice Record In Capcut

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