How To Get FaceTime On Samsung Phone

On this page, you can easily know about How To Get FaceTime On Samsung Phone. FaceTime wasn’t the first video calling app, but it may be the most well-known and one of the most widely used.

However, Apple doesn’t make an Android version, and the only way for people using that platform to participate is for an iPhone user to invite them to a call they’re already on. And if you want to use FaceTime on Windows, you’re currently out of luck.

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Built-in video calling and chat

Depending on your carrier, you may have the option to start a video call while you are already on the phone. When you’re using the Phone app, simply tap the Video call icon to begin a call. It’s between the Add call and Bluetooth icons. To switch back to a standard voice call, tap the Camera icon to shut your device’s camera off. This may vary depending on your carrier. If you are unable to switch back to a voice call using the icon, you might have to end the call and call back.

Note: Google Duo is included in the dialer on certain One UI 2 devices. On some devices, the Video call icon may appear instead of the Google Duo icon.

Google Duo, WhatsApp, and other video call options

Google Duo is an app that allows for video chat, and it even comes preinstalled on most Galaxy devices! If you haven’t seen it on your device, make sure to check the Google folder on the Apps screen. The setup is easy. Just sign in to your Google account and follow a couple of quick steps. 

Depending on their carrier, Galaxy phones with One UI 2 may include the Google Duo icon in the Phone app.

Google Duo, WhatsApp, and other video call options

Plenty of other third-party apps have video chat capabilities too, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and Snapchat. These are only a few of the many options you have when it comes to making video calls. Use one of these apps or one that you are already familiar with. There are plenty of other options available on the Galaxy Store and Play Store.

Video call on your PC

If you prefer seeing your loved ones on a large screen, you can use your Galaxy Book or other Samsung PC to video chat as well. Google Duo and Skype are two popular options for video chatting with multiple people. There’s even a translate option with Skype, so you can call family members living in other countries.

Some other video chat apps include Google Hangouts, WhatsApp, Zoom, Webex, and Discord.

Video call on your PC

Note: Some apps may require a premium subscription to use certain features.

How To Get FaceTime On Samsung Phone

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