How To Make A FaceTime Call On Android

On this page, you can easily know about How To Make A FaceTime Call On Android. FaceTime wasn’t the first video calling app, but it may be the most well-known and one of the most widely used.

However, Apple doesn’t make an Android version, and the only way for people using that platform to participate is for an iPhone user to invite them to a call they’re already on. And if you want to use FaceTime on Windows, you’re currently out of luck.

How to receive FaceTime calls on Android 

To join a FaceTime call on Android, you will need to have a meeting link shared with you on a messaging app such as WhatsApp or via text. 

  • Find the meeting link that the host has shared with you.
  • Click the link to open FaceTime in your browser. 
  • Enter your name and tap “Continue.” 
FaceTime app
  • Tap “Join.”
FaceTime calls on Android  in join option
  • Wait for the host to connect you to the call. Once the host has added you, you’ll be able to chat face-to-face with the other participants. 

How to invite Android users to FaceTime calls 

  • Make sure your Apple OS is up-to-date. If you’re using an iPhone or iPad, you’ll need iOS 15. 
  • Open the FaceTime app and click “Create Link.” 
Create Link option on FaceTime
  • A menu will pop up allowing you to share the link through various apps. Tap one of the app icons to share the link with one of your contacts in that app. Alternatively, you can tap “copy link” and paste it into a message yourself. 
App icons
  • To join your call, tap the name of the call in the list, then tap “join.”
  • When someone (including those using an Android device) taps the link, they will be sent to a waiting room. Let the other participants join the call by tapping the check mark next to their name. 
How To Make A FaceTime Call On Android

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