How To Unlock Android With Google Find My Device

Find my device – one of the Part of Google Play protection. You can easily unlock your Android phone remotely with the help of Google Find My Device.

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Here you can find your mobile remotely, you can lock and erase device when you lost your mobile. With the help of following Google find my device method you can do it.

  • Start by visiting the Find My Device on your system.
  • Log in using the credentials of your Google Account.
  • After logging-in, You will see Three options.
Google find my device - Unlock Android

Play Sound

  1. Use These Option You can play sound remotely.
  2. If you want to phone sound Click on the Play sound option.
  3. If you want to Stop sound, Click On the Stop Ringing option.

Secure Device

  • Lock your lost or stolen device, set or change your PIN or password.
  • Tap on the Secure device option.
  • After that, You will see recovery message and phone number option.
  • Then type on Recovery message.
  • Next you can provide the phone number to call.
  • In this Step, Click On the Secure device option.

Erase Device

  • Then Click on Erase device option, Then you will see Erase all data menu appears on your screen.
  • Finally, Tap on the Erase option.
  • You have successfully Reset your mobile.

How To Unlock Android With Google Find My Device

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